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Analysis of Nickel (II) Complex - Caroline - 04-12-2018

Hi there, I've been stuck on the first part of this problem for a while.

A solid sample of a complex salt, with ideal composition Ni(NH3)6(NO3)2, was analyzed for nickel by dissolution in slightly acidic solution and precipitation as the dimethylglyoximate, Ni(DMG)2. A sintered glass crucible of mass 12.7309 g was used to filter off the precipitate. The dried crucible and precipitate had a combined mass of 12.8239 g.

Calculate the theoretical mass of the original Ni(NH3)6(NO3)2 sample.

The only thing I could come up with was 12.8239 - 12.7309 = 0.0930 g
However, that was wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated,