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Ionic bath - Jame - 04-11-2018


I need help figuring out how to explain how an ionic bath functions. Of course, they do not work as they are intended (detoxing and stuff), but the point of the problem was to explain why with chemistry on why an ionic bath works the way it does.  This involves using electrochemistry to explain and stuff. 


Detoxifying Ionic Bath

How does the Ionic Bath work? Explain:
-The chemistry
-The physical (visual) results observed

Support your explanation with calculations, experimental observations, chemistry, etc. 

What I have so far: 

Pictures are shown below in the link on experiments we did on some household salts.

The setup consists of using a barbie doll (completely pointless, just to show that ionic baths do not work as they tend to), water with the unknown household salt, a 9V battery and some electrodes. 

The set up for the image with the black solution had electrodes with nails onto them. 

Searching the internet, I found a possible household salt that has the same properties as the ones shown in the experiment, NaCl. A similar experiment was also done that had similar results was found here:

The chemical reaction based on the blog was: 2 NaCl + 2 H2O → Cl2 + H2 + 2 NaOH

My approach to the problem was to explain what happens at the change of color in the problem, which was, as explained in the blog, NaOH is being produced, which creates the green color in the image with the barbie. And, as the process continues, the green color turns from being the light into being dark. Relating to how the ionic bath works, colors reflect on what the ionic bath is "detoxifying." 

As for the experiment with electrodes with nails, the really black coloring is the rusting of the metal electrode (the nails), which creates this effect. Again, relating to how the ionic bath works, colors reflect on what the ionic bath is "detoxifying." 

I think I am missing some chemistry or calculations, in which I do not know how to explain or do. This is where I need help on and any help is appreciated!